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New LJ Comm

[personal profile] whovianmuse and I have started a new kink_meme for Fox's Sleepy Hollow over at LiveJournal. DW has one but it's not very active. Hopefully ours will get a bit more traffic.

Check it out.

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Free for all

 I don't really have anything to write but I kinda want to connect with my FList again.

What you guys been up to? Nerding on anything good recently?


 I think I meant to post this entry, oh, I dunno, six months ago. But this has been a crazy year and so here are those pictures finally. We had a theme of traveling (so passport lookalike invitations, flowers made out atlas pages, place cards that looked like postcards, etc) and our colors were red and yellow. My look that day was somewhat inspired by Amy's wedding dress (wore my red apple necklace and had red shoes).
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 I just had a phone interview with a recruiter for basically my dream job. It's working with female survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in an outpatient setting. It's more money than I was making in my last job, a close-knit and positive working environment, room for promotion, a PENSION!! (which is basically an extinct animal these days), and in a beautiful town that I used to live in. I MEAN. WHERE ARE WE GOING WRONG HERE. I've never been so excited about a job before. The phone interview went really well. The recruiter said that she's been recruiting for the company since 2009 and every client that she has sent to the Women's Program has been hired. la;kjd;lkfjad 

I have been unemployed since the beginning of September when I resigned from my job in hopes to move to England. That went up in flames like a burning pile of shit. I still turn into a crumbling mess when I think about that horrid experience with all those rejected visas and lost dreams and wasted money. Dan and I were able to try and turn a super shitty thing into something good and went for a 5 1/2 week belated honeymoon around Europe (England three times, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France) so I didn't want to search for jobs before we left if I was going to be gone for that long period of a time.

I just really, REALLY want this job. The recruiter asked me where I pictured myself concerning my career in 3-5 years. I said, "I would hope to be at this same job, if [organization] will have me," and then went on to say how I knew that sounded cheesy but I've been building my career for this job since 2008.


Here's to hoping the next two interviews with this organization go well. God, if I could be employed by the New Year, that would be a-maze-ing.



 Haha, remember when I actually used to write?

...yeah, I miss that. =/ Reading people's comments *still* makes me laugh out loud.

Started to upload my fanfics onto AO4.


Tumblr V Real Blogging

Things I like about Tumblr:
No effort forward, click and reblog pictures.

Things I miss about LJ:
The community.

Srsly. I write things on Tumblr and maybe, MAYBE I get one "like". Questions go unanswered. Feels only reciprocated when you see other people's postings who might have similar feels to you. I mean, I just think back to when I had my fanfiction plagiarized and how many people on LJ stepped forward to defend me and to report the person to FF.net. Tumblr just wouldn't be there unless I had some sort of social injustice and a billion friends to reblog my post and sob story.

...sorry, just feeling a bit "meh' tonight.

Also, hi, sorry for not being here for nearly a year.

I hate it when it's not Doctor Who season.

But then again, the next time I see Doctor Who there will only be one episode of Eleventy left.

But then again, it will be the fiftieth fuckin anniversary.

So conflicted. =/