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The Doctor already know who Clara is, he just refuses to believe it because it's so impossible.

Amy/11 feels

So lately Tumblr's been making me have Amy/11 feels. I mean, they're always gonna be there (cuz they're my OTP, ya feel me?) but it's to the point where I'm watching Amy/11 videos again.

And then I had a thought.

An irrational, completely inconceivable thought.

What if pigs fly, hell freezes over, Earth gets the second coming of Christ, WHATEVER, and Karen and Arthur come back for the 50th. Or a minisode in honor of the 50th. And the Doctor visits his Ponds.

And I envisioned my reaction. And how I would be flipping. the fuck. out.

Like, legit. Someone call crisis, 'cause I'm going down.


I makes me excite. :D I haven't gotten that giddy over an idea for a while. It ended kinda abruptly, but whatevs. I'll claim it from the kink!meme in about a week or so.

"Hide" Clip 2

Dude, I just watched the second sneak peak clip for Hide...


Holy shit I can't wait for Saturday.

Doctor Who Hen Night

As promised, here are pictures from my Doctor Who-themed bachlorette party.
Cut for space.Collapse )

Mixed Feelings

So. I watched TRoA on Tuesday, I believe. And I was feeling a bit, "...meh" afterwards. The chemistry just wasn't there between the Doctor and Clara like I had seen in AotD or The Snowmen. Plus, it just felt sort of... I dunno, rushed? Over-dramatic? Particularly after seeing The Bells of St. John, an episode that had more mediocre bits in it than exciting good ones, I was starting to get scared that I was losing my Whovianness.

And then The Cold War saved the day (or week, however you want to put it). It was like a Hallefrickenluja moment. This might be Mark Gatiss's best episode. I really, REALLY enjoyed it. The previous two episodes I've had no desire to rewatch. For TCW, I am actually holding myself back from rewatching it again today. I liked it that much.

I talked to my brother about my feelings over the previous two episodes. He gave a neat perspective to TRoA. He said it reminded him a lot of a Nine episode (his favorite Doctor). The alien-ness of the Doctor, all the aliens, even the sets he said reminded him of Christoper Eccelston's era. I'll have to rewatch with that sort of perspective. I hope it gives me a more positive view of the episode.

Was I alone in this train of thought? I think I saw some similar posts on Tumblr, but... yeah. That's Tumblr. hahaha